Watch it. Learn it. PASS IT ON!

The Big Dance Pledge is back and Step into Dance need your help to spread the word!

Flash Mob Graphic With BorderWe've been inspired by Scottish Ballet's creation and choreographed a short flash mob routine which we need YOU to learn and spread across London and Essex (and beyond!). You'll get the chance to show off your skills at our Borough Events and also in the aisles of Sadler's Wells at Step LIVE! 2014 on Saturday 5th July.

Below you'll see some of our Step into Dance teachers and members of the Street Dance Company putting their hip hop stamp on the routine.

The Step into Dance staff have created videos to make it easy for you to learn the moves. They show that whoever you are or whatever your dance experience you can still get involved and add your own style!

Click here for the full version
Click here for the simplified version

We'd love for you to share your own videos with us. Or even just a picture of you and your friends, family, teachers or even pets doing the routine. Find us on Facebook and post the evidence of your achievements!

And REMEMBER! We are relying on YOU to spread the moves! So...

Watch it. Learn it. And PASS IT ON!!

Big Dance Pledge performed by Step into Dance Street Dance Company and teachers from Step Into Dance on Vimeo.


See us in action

Step into dance has given my pupils the chance to have dance lessons that would otherwise have been out of their reach financially.

Lucie Gingell, Bishopsford Arts College