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Step into Dance is currently recruiting schools to join the programme in 2019/20. Your school can be part of Step into Dance in a range of different ways including weekly sessions, Step INTRO Dance, The Hip Hop History and Dance Intensive.


We've updated our Dance Packages for Schools! Read below for more information on our 2019/20 offers, click here for 2019/20 price list.


All schools that sign up to Step into Dance will be eligible to sign their students up for additional Step into Dance activities including:

- Half term projects

- Step Companies

- Ambassadors


1. Into Street Dance


This project focuses specifically on those groups that want to hone down their street dance skills and take part in the Step into Dance’s annual street dance event, Into Street Dance. 

The project will include:
• A Step into Dance street dance specialist will prepare your group to participate in Into Street Dance 2020.
• Opt to have one of your sessions with a different dance practitioner who will introduce a different street dance style e.g. a battle specialist who will provide tips and pointers for the event.
• Take part in Step into Dance’s annual event Into Street Dance includes: a street dance battle, workshops in different street dance styles, a special guest and performances.


Into Street Dance will take place during the Autumn term: September – December 2019
20 hours to use as required over the Autumn term. Choose from weekly sessions or as an intensive project.

Your group should be between 10 – 20 students and who are committed for the whole project/one term.


2. Step Performance Project

A project with a choreographic focus, students will work with a Step into Dance choreographer to create a new performance piece that can be performed in our annual performance events, Step Around Town and be entered to take part in Step Live Festival 2020.


The project will include:

• Students will build their skills in dance technique.
• Work alongside the choreographer to develop a new dance piece based on this year’s theme connected to the Royal Academy of Dance’s centenary.
• Includes an optional CPD workshop where the theme is introduced alongside creative ideas to introduce these themes to your students
• Perform at one of the Step into Dance Step Around Town events or share your event at the Day of Dance which will include a trip to dance performance.
•  Be automatically put forward to performance and/or take part in Step Live Festival 2020. The day will include performances by Step into Dance groups as well as special guests, dance workshops and talks from professional dancers.

You can choose to run this project over two term (spring and summer), across the full academic year or as an intensive project.
1 hour weekly sessions over two terms  
1.5 hours weekly sessions over two terms, 1 hour over three terms, or week intensive
2 hours weekly sessions over two terms 
1.5 hours weekly session over three terms 
2 hours weekly sessions over three terms 

Groups sizes should be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 depending on the size of the space



3. Dance Journey (weekly sessions)

These weekly dance sessions will enable your students to master specific dance techniques gain a broader knowledge of dance and build confidence in and through movement. You can select either one specific dance styles or a selection of different styles your students on a weekly basis.

The project will include:
• Weekly dance sessions lead by an experienced dance practitioners and design to meet the specific needs of your students
• A free taster session if your school is new to the programme
• Attending workshops or watching at Step into Street Dance and Step Live Festival


Open to any students in schools
Groups sizes should be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 depending on the size of the space
NB: you can opt for this to be a drop in class, however please make us aware of this when booking the project as this will affect the practitioners planning.



4. Step INTRO Dance

This is an introductory session is offered for schools that are new to the programme. The aim of this short course is to provide both teachers and students with a flavour of the programme and a broader understanding of dance. From this introduction you will be able to select which project to offer your students.


Open to any students in schools
Groups sizes should be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 depending on the size of the space


5. Into Street Dance (Professional Performance)

A fun and lively performance tracing the history of Street Dance.

From Popping and Locking from the West coast of America in the late 1960’s to Breaking on the East Coast in the 1970’s and Krumping in the 1990’s, Into Street Dance covers the vast array of styles that grew out of America and spread across the world and provides an insight into this rich genre of dance,


The Performance
• The performance can be presented in a school assembly or at sharing/presentation alongside student’s performances. It is 20 minutes long.
• Step into Dance will provide three to four performers
• School needs to provide a performance space (add dimensions) with a wooden floor suitable for dance


Into Street Dance is suitable for all students, aiming to enthuse and encourage them to take part in the Step into Dance sessions.


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If your school would like to join the programme, send us your details using the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can. You may reach us via our contact details, also below.